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The Guinea Pig Shop

A shop born from our love of guinea pigs and our passion for being creative. All our products are lovingly made by Derbyshire artists and makers (including The Guinea Pig Vet). We are a small team who are dedicated to making products for you and your guinea pigs.

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The Guinea Pig Shop Logo

We hope you enjoyed The Guinea Pig Shop! Our goal is to create handmade products that help enrich the lives of guinea pigs. Each product is designed to encourage natural guinea pig behaviours and activities. We research and spend time developing our treat and forage recipes so they are specifically tailored for guinea pigs. 

Don't miss our other products, designed for all people who love guinea pigs!. We hope to create a range of items that allow you to celebrate and show the world how fabulous guinea pigs are as pets. Check back often as our shop continues to grow.

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