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Getting to the heart of it all.

There are half a million guinea pigs in the UK and until now, no guinea pig specific vet. In 2018, Ellie Whitehead started working in partnership with Derwent Valley Vets to establish The Guinea Pig Vet consultancy. Ellie graduated from the Royal Veterinary College London in 2005.

Her love for guinea pigs started as a student when she created her own herd with 3 lovely pigs (Rosie, Daisy and Elvis). 

Ellie has continued to develop her knowledge and experience with guinea pigs over the last 16 years with the support of loyal clients. Within the veterinary profession, there is less information about diseases and treatment options for guinea pigs than other species. Her practical experience has lead to a wealth of knowledge and understanding of guinea pigs.

Ellie treats her guinea pig patients as if they were her own and works with their owners to provide the best level of care possible.

This passion for guinea pigs and creative interest has also lead Ellie to develop an online shop for guinea pigs and their owners. The Guinea Pig Shop is about creating products to enrich the lives of guinea pigs, as well as providing owners with gifts to celebrate their love of their furry babies!


BVetMed (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine), Royal Veterinary College, London.

I graduated in 2005 and have worked continuously as a small animal veterinary surgeon every since. I have particular interest in guinea pigs, as well as analgesia and anaesthesia and soft tissue surgery.

MRCVS (Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons).

As a member of the royal college of veterinary surgeons I am permitted to perform acts of veterinary medicine within the UK.


Dr. Ellie Whitehead MRCVS 

We are proud to work with Derwent Valley Vets

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Derwent Valley Vets Ltd are one of the few remaining privately owned, independent veterinary practices in the area. They provide first-class and loving healthcare in a newly renovated building; offering plenty of off-street, free, parking. 

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