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I found Ellie, the guinea pig vet purely by chance on Facebook. My beloved 3 year old guinea pig, Buzz, unfortunately had a growing tumour on the side of his face called a lipoma since December last year. I had been to see a couple of vets including an exotics vet who had been recommended by the initial vet. I was told that nothing could be done and the tumour could not be excised due to it's location. That ultimately it was palliative care. As the tumour grew in size he was started on pain killing medication. I was very aware that he was on borrowed time but I also didn't want to have him euthanasised whilst he still seemed happy in himself and was eating and drinking. Every day I was looking at him closely and wondering if it was time, as I never wanted him to suffer unnecessarily. 

Ellie examined Buzz at the beginning of day and operated on him that afternoon. I couldn't wait whilst he had surgery as I had to travel back to work that night. She called me that later that afternoon and told me she had managed to successfully remove all of the lipoma. This was such amazing news to my partner and I. She took him home with her that night to care for him, as there was no overnight staff at the vets' practice. I think this speaks volumes about how much she cares about animals.


I collected him the next day and although he had a rough couple of days (understandably), he is now over 2 weeks post op and doing fantastic. His scar is almost healed and he has a new lease of life. We are so happy. I know some people might think that they are only guinea pigs, but to us, they are much loved members of the family. I absolutely cannot recommend Ellie highly enough, she really cares about guinea pigs and her standards of care are exemplary. I only wish we had found her sooner! Thanks to Ellie and all the staff at Derwent Valley Vets for everything that you did for Buzz.

Guinea pig client

"I volunteer with a guinea pig rescue and have my own piggies, so as a result l visit my vets regularly. I have been taking the piggies to see Ellie for over 6 years.


She is the best piggy vet l have ever seen (and l have seen a lot of vets). She is caring, extremely knowledgeable and very experienced in guinea pig medicine and surgery. She has neutered all the boars for the rescue, around 40 procedures, plus removing many lumps, cysts and tumours. She is one of the few vets who can perform 'keyhole' surgery to remove diseased ovaries in piggies, which is much less invasive than a full spay.


Ellie is a vet who always has a friendly but professional manner. She always seems to have the time to spend with you, but at the same time is efficient and her surgeries usually run to time.I feel extremely lucky to have found such a capable vet to look after my animals."


"Over the years I have been to numerous veterinary clinics in search of good guinea pig care without much luck, that is until I met up with Ellie. I have found Ellie to be totally committed to the care of my guinea pigs, her knowledge is second to none and nothing is too much trouble. She is a very approachable and a caring vet and I have no hesitation in recommending her to all."


Guinea pig client


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"Ellie has lots of experience with guinea pigs and has been treating my piggies for the last eight years; I am extremely satisfied with the way this has been done. She is always willing to explain the pros and cons of various treatment options and has also given me her personal opinion if I’ve asked, on the odd occasion that I’ve been undecided about something. I’ve found her to be honest, caring and trustworthy; an all-round brilliant vet. Three of my pigs have been under a general anaesthetic with her and have all made a quick and complete recovery, therefore I am very happy to recommend Ellie to anyone seeking an experienced, professional and genuinely lovely, piggy vet!"


"We have been seeing Ellie for several years now and she is always our first choice of vet when it comes to treating our Guinea pigs. Over the years we have rescued several pigs with complex health needs and because of her skills and dedication we have enjoyed extra time with our fluffs." 

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