Services and Pricing

This is a list of the most common surgeries and consultations, individual estimates will be given at the time of consent for surgeries. 

These are by appointment only and includes procedures that can be performed conscious,
while you wait. Consultations are 
15 minutes per guinea pig. Appointments for conscious dentals and referrals/second opinions are 30 minutes.


Consultation £36

Incisor tooth burr £35

Conscious molar dental £62

Conscious x-ray £20 x-ray setup fee, £35 per image

Ultrasound £55

Referral/second opinion consultation £45


These are performed under general anaesthetic and require you to leave your guinea pig with us for the day. Medicines (e.g. pain relief, antibiotics, gut medications) will be in addition to these prices.


General anaesthetic £50 plus surgical time

Castration £50 

Ovariectomy £180

Cystotomy £180

Thyroidectomy £180

Lump or abscess removal £50 to £250 depending on size and location

Abscess marsupialisation £80