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By Appointment Only:


The Guinea Pig Vet's Consulting Times work on a two week rotation from April 1, 2019

Rota A: 

     Tuesday:         10.00am - 9.00pm 

     Wednesday:    8.00am  -  2.00pm

     Friday:            10.00am -  7.00pm

     Saturday:        8.00am  -  4.00pm

Rota B:

     Monday:           8.00am -  2.00pm 

     Thursday:        8.00am -  2.00pm

     Friday:             8.00am -  2.00pm


Out of Hours Provision

Derwent Valley Vets are available to see guinea pigs during times outside of the specified hours listed for The Guinea Pig Vet.

Please ring                                  for an appointment*.


*(In some cases The Guinea Pig Vet may be available outside of normal consulting hours)

Out of hours emergency provision is provided by:

Vets Now at any of their surrounding clinics. In order to contact out of hours provision,

+44 01629 55666

+44 01629 55666.

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Services and Pricing

This list is not exhaustive, but includes the most common surgeries performed.
There may be extra charges for medications as
For all surgeries an estimate will be given at the time of consent.



15 Minutes per guinea pig



Removal of testicles in a male



Removal of both ovaries in a female.
Performed by a small 'bilateral flank incision'. Only a handful of vets in the UK perform this procedure.



Realign molar cheek teeth under anaesthetic

Incisor Tooth Burr


Realign incisor teeth conscious

Abscess Marsupialisation* 


Creating a permanent hole into an abscess to allow topical treatment 



Opening bladder to remove a bladder stone

Lump Removal*
£90 - £150


Dependent on size and location of lump



Removal of thyroid gland, treatment for hyperthyroidism

*prices for anaesthetic and surgery