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Buzz, the guinea pig with a lump.

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Buzz was presented to us in early August for a second opinion, with one of the biggest lumps we have ever seen! He had developed a swelling to the side of his face in December 2019. A biopsy had been taken at a previous vets which confirmed the swelling was a lipoma (fatty growth).

Due to its size and location it was deemed inoperable. Buzz's mass continued to grow. It was now pulling on his lower eyelid and ulcerating the skin due to the size of the mass stretching the skin. Buzz's owner sought a second opinion prior to possible euthanasia due to the effect the lump was now having on buzz's quality of life. We offered to attempt surgery on buzz, with the knowledge that it may only be a debaulking (removing most of the lump but possibly not all) procedure.

We  operated on buzz the same day and fortunately were able to remove the lump in its entirety.

Buzz recovered well after surgery and showed interest in eating straight away. He required supplemental syringe feeding by his owners for a couple of weeks following surgery.

Buzz's wound has now healed and he should not suffer any regrowth of the tumour.

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