Treat your guinea pigs to a Heavenly Hedgerow feast filled with autumn treats! Enjoyable munching and gnawing with apple fruitwood sticks.

Give just a handful a week, it encourages natural foraging behaviour and will increase hay consumption. Help to entertain your guinea pigs whilst also giving them a treat; and it makes the cage smell good too!

Whilst we have designed this forage mix with guinea pigs in mind it is also suitable for rabbits.

Each bag has a net weight of 90grams and contains 20g dandelion leaves, 20g rasberry leaves, 20g blackberry leaves, 20g rosehips, 10g meadow hay, 6 applewood sticks.

Many edible herbs and flowers are also believed to have health benefits. Dandelion leaves contain vitamin C, A and B complex. Dandelion leaves are also a source of protein and fibre. Rasberry leaves contain vitamin A, C, E and B complex. Blackberry leaves contain flavonoids that are thought to have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting effects. Blackberry leaves also contain vitamin C, iron and anti-oxidants. Rosehips contain vitamin C. 


This product is designed as a complimentary foodstuff only. If you are concerned your guinea pigs health please seek the advice of your vet.

Heavenly Hedgerow Forage Mix

SKU: H101