Bloomin' Bonanza brings a bouquet of flowers to your guinea pigs' house!

Just sprinkle a small handful each week on to their hay. This will encourage their natural foraging behaviour as well as increase their hay consumption. Help to entertain your guinea pigs whilst also giving them a treat; it makes the cage smell good too!

Whilst we have designed this hay topper with guinea pigs in mind it is also suitable for rabbits.


Each bag has a net weight of 22g and contains 8g Marigold Flowers, 5g of Whole Dandelion Leaves, 5g Rose Petals, 2g Cornflowers, 2g Dandelion Flowers.


Many edible herbs and flowers are believed to have health benefits.


Marigold flowers contain anti-oxidants, therefore protecting the body against cellular damage; they are also though to have natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In some countries they are used to aid the healing of mouth ulcers.
Dandelion leaves contain a diuretic, which may help to protect against bladder infections and cystitis.
Rose petals contain polyphenols which are potent anti-oxidants, in addition they have a calming effect, are high in vitamin C and are thought to have natural anti-inflammatories.

Cornflowers may help with chest congestion as well as acting as a liver and gall bladder stimulant.

Dandelion flowers contain anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories and are thought to aide digestion and boost the immune system.


This product is designed as a complimentary foodstuff only. If you are concerned your guinea pigs health please seek the advice of your vet.

Bloomin' Bonanza Hay Topper

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